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Peristaltic Tube Pumps specifically designed for the for laboratory environment.

Flow rates from 0.007 to 2280mL/min with digital and analogue external control capability and options for flowrate, volume fill and dosing requirements.



High flowrate batch transmission pump.

Suitable for viscous liquids at high flowrates and pressures.

AC motor with a capacity up to  28150mL/min.

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Mineral Extraction

With its range Multi Gravity Separators Gravity Mining is the world leader in fine particle extraction.

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Flow Control

Peristaltic pumps for process trial and industrial applications.  These pumps feature flow rate, volume fill and dosing capability. Control is via a touchscreen or via analogue or digital external control.  Flow rates options from 0.2 to 12000mL/min.

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Clear food grade silicon tube for use with our range of peristaltic pumps.



A basic peristaltic pump for industrial applications.

This pump is fitted with an easy load head for simple tube replacement.

Simple control with flow rates to a maximum of 24000mL/min.

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Visit the Gravity Cyclones websitesite to see our range of hydrocyclones and hydrocyclone systems.

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